Zionist Israel trying to justify their criminal attack

Zionist attacked the six ships to Gaza

Gaza is part of occupied Palestine.
The majority of Gaza-Palestinians are below 14 years of age, they never voted for Hamas.

Crazy answers by Zionist:
“I don’t feel shame” They [people on the boat] are responsible! Our people when boarding were atttacked with knives.” If you could have avoided it yes … We expect more boats, next time maybe weapons of mass-destruction.” Zionist diplomat from Jeruslaem, interviewed by the BBC,

19 !! people died when Zionist commandos stormed a convoy of ships carrying aid to Gaza. BBC

Israel sänker sig till ny bottennivå

Israel har sänkt sig till en ny bottennivå.

Attackera hjälpsändningar är något som diktatorer och banditer brukar syssla med. Inte demokratiska stater.

Attacken verkar ha inträffat på internationellt vatten. I så fall ett allvarligt brott mot internationell lag som inte ens Israels mest hängivna vänner borde kunna försvara. Handlandet kan få mycket allvarliga konsekvenser för den judiska statens relationer med Europa.

Israel sänker sig till ny bottennivå

Ship to Gaza 2010


“We’re trying to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip and tell the world that Israel has no right to starve 1.5 million Palestinians,” said Greta Berlin, of the Free Gaza Movement, another organiser of the flotilla. “We are bringing in vitally needed supplies so the people of Gaza can rebuild their infrastructure.”

Israel has imposed an economic blockade on Gaza since the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas seized control almost three years ago. Nearly all exports and imports are banned and only a limited supply of food and medical aid is allowed in.

Gaza aid flotilla to set sail for confrontation with Israel
Tuesday 25 May 2010

“The political objective is to re-establish international law. The current human catastrophe in Gaza does not come as a result of a tsunami or an earthquake; the catastrophe has been created through politics. We are not taking a stand in the internal conflicts in Palestine, but for international law and human rights.”


Europe’s & NATO’s Alliance with Israel

“Documents published in recent days show that Israel not only has nuclear weapons — something it has never officially acknowledged — but that it considered selling them to South Africa’s white minority government in 1975. ”

Israel’s worst-kept secret revealed: Nuclear proliferation

Also the EU is increasingly involving itself in the technological & therefore military development based in the Zionist entity.

“Nobody should be surprised if Israel’s merchants of death and destruction will gobble up an even greater chunk of the EU’s research pie in the coming years.”