The Real Reason For The Gaza Blockade

Schumer is a plain-speaking Zionist, he recently declared the following:

“Schumer told his audience that the “Palestinian people still don’t believe in the Jewish state, in a two-state solution” and added that “they don’t believe in the Torah, in David.” As a result, “you have to force them to say Israel is here to stay.” It’s the Israeli blockade which accomplishes that, he argued. And Schumer is due some credit for being honest enough (unlike most devoted Israel defenders) to admit that a prime purpose of the blockade has nothing to do with keeping arms away from Hamas, but rather, is to economically strangle the people in Gaza — meaning not Hamas, but the 1.5 million human beings (men, women and children) who live there.” …
Glenn Greenwald

The caption says:
“Thank goodness! For a minute there, I thought you were Israeli commandos …”


One thought on “The Real Reason For The Gaza Blockade

  1. Intressant läsning. Det är tydligt att Israel tjänar på att ha Hamas som fiender, på så sätt kan hela motståndrörelsen betecknas som “terrorister”. Det har talats mycket om en tvåstatslösning som den enda lösningen men Israel vet att palestinierna aldrig kommer att nöja sig med det.. utan vad som krävs är en stat för alla.


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