The Products Israel Blocks From Gaza

The Economist reveals what Israel allows into Gaza and what it doesn’t. Amazing. Punitive, without rhyme or reason:

“Gisha took the Israeli authorities to court, to try to force them to provide the information of what exactly is allowed for import to Gaza, and why.

“Preventing children from receiving toys, preventing manufacturers from getting raw materials – I don’t see how that’s responsive to Israeli security needs.”

And Gisha’s director, Sari Bashi, further says that some of the prohibitions appear to be absurdly arbitrary: “I certainly don’t understand why cinnamon is permitted, but coriander is forbidden. Is there something more dangerous about coriander? Is coriander more critical to Gaza’s economy than cinnamon? This is a policy that appears to make no sense.”

She argues that if there is a logic behind such decisions, the military should reveal what it is.”

And here we are approaching the truth of the matter:

‘Collective punishment’

The lack of clarity causes immense frustration not just among Gazans, but among aid groups, diplomats, and the United Nations – which has described Israel’s blockade as “collective punishment”

The problem, they say, is not just the shortages themselves, but the unpredictability and changing nature of what is permitted for import.”

“Among the large range of goods currently forbidden are jam, chocolate, wood for furniture, fruit juice, textiles, and plastic toys.”

The real aim of the blockade is to slowly starve the Palestinian people, so as to weaken them and then to ethnically cleanse the area –
but by God – they will never succeed in it, never!


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