Documentary “Inside Job”: Responsibility Of The Financial System

The documentary “Inside Job,” by Charles Ferguson got an Oscar 2011.

Dealing with the financial crisis of 2008/9 (ongoing).
Its a closer look at what brought about the financial meltdown.

– Wall Street’s responsibility for the crisis.inside-job-poster

– Chief economists being paid by Wall St;
— Economists have very strong ties with Wall St. and are most intense for more deregulation.
-⇒ Academia is corrupted, no independent research.

– Obama went back on his promise of “change” to include the financial system.

Filmmaker Charles Ferguson of the documentary called for the criminal prosecution of top financial executives. Interview with him:

See the interview at
(from at least 38:30′)

⇒ There is (now) ”overwhelming evidence of massive criminal behaviour,
but there hasn’t been a single criminal investigation.” Charles Ferguson

An example of a former Leeman Br. employee witnessing: ”We have unjustified assets on our balance sheets.”

Lehman whistleblower lost his job weeks after raising alarm.

”Public sector and public interest have been outspent by very specific interests from the private sector.”


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