Why Islam Is Not Anti-Feminin

Why Islam Is Not Anti-Feminin (Or Anti-Feminist)

edited by Omar K N

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf on women in Islam:1

Q: Is not Islam Anti-Feminist or even Anti-Female?

A: Men are anti-women in general [all around the world – in all cultures and regions] . We don't honour our women like we should. [The] Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) said:

Paradise lies at the feet of mothers.

and he also said:

No-one honours women except an honourable man,
and no-one demeans women except a degraded human being.

And so there is a lot of misunderstanding about Islam [not the least in this respect], and [it is obvious] that in the pre-modern world [the situation was different and with the socio-economic changes of the last centuries], a lot of things [had to or] needed to go. [Such societal structures which] at the time were probably there for important reasons, agricultural societies needed a division of labour that no longer exists in the modern world, [but which now don't serve their purpose any more]. 2

Q: Is there equality with women, what about the segregation of women?

A: Segregation: a great deal [of it] is cultural, for example the segregation of women is different in Eastern Arabia compared with Western Arabia, where there was no segregation, but respect with certain courtesies and proprieties were expected, but no segregation.
Segregation in terms of Islam is much more cultural [than religious.]






  1. From BBC Interview – Hamza Yusuf interviewed By Mark Lawson ≈ 2003 @11:49 
  2. Text in square brackets are interpolations by the editor. 

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