Justice For Jewish Victims, but None for Victims of Jews

News item July 26, 2000 :

“Judge Approves $1.25 Billion Holocaust Bank Pact”
Justice For Jewish Victims, but None for Victims of Jews

Several billions of dollars have been paid out by Germany, Austria and other countries to Jewish Victims. But, victims of Jews are still suffering in squalid, over populated refugee camps, while the usurpers of their lands and property are enjoying lush green gardens, vineyards, Olive groves and a life of luxury and affluence. Billions of dollars worth of Palestinian property has been seized by Israel and more is being taken as we speak or being bulldozed. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost. So far not even the talk of reparation or compensation. Will the world now turn its attention to the victims of Jews?

Judge Approves $1.25 Billion Holocaust Bank Pact

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A U.S. judge on Wednesday approved a $1.25 billion Swiss bank settlement that aims to settle charges that the banks had prevented Holocaust survivors from ever withdrawing money they deposited efore World War II, a court official said.

The accord was reached two years ago, but has come under criticism because it has taken so long to be finalized. Time matters because about 10 to 15 percent of the world’s Holocaust survivors die each year.

Credit Suisse and UBS AG have agreed to pay the restitution in return for being released from a huge class-action suit against them.

After a seven-day period to allow for any amendments, a court-appointed official will have 30 days to submit a plan for distributing the payments.

“I have considered both the procedural fairness of the settlement process, and the overall adequacy and reasonableness of the substantive terms of the proposed settlement, and find that each of these components weighs in favor of final approval,” Judge Edward Korman wrote in his decision.