One Day in Palestine – Apartheid Israel

Day in day out – harassing people !

Zionists cannot let people celebrate their holidays!

”Israeli law-enforcement authorities and security forces have made the entire Palestinian population pay the price for protecting Israeli settlement in the city.”

Ghost Town: Israel’s Separation Policy and Forced Eviction of Palestinians from the Center of Hebron

This for the world to increase its appreciation of the moral superiority of the Zionist settler regime!

It’s a part of the Israelis plan, to clear Palestinians existence, but that’s is in their dreams. Palestinians exist and will fight for the last breath until Palestine is free.

Zionist supremacists definitely don’t like other descriptions of the dismal situation.

Pro-Israel groups are attacking Netflix for including Palestinian films.
They don’t want us to exist. Anywhere.

Not good!

Zionist settlers like throwing stone, did they find this in the Bible or Talmud?

Does there ever come a point in time where we stop using the settlers euphemism? Terrorists maybe? Just curious! #Israel

Because settlers like stone-throwing and other nice ways of greeting the original population.

Israeli occupiers storm Farsh al-Hawa with bulldozers, demolish a 2-story home, its walls & a water well, owned by a Palestinian lawyer.

A lawyer’s house, why should a lawyer even have a house? The Apartheid state don’t like original people to live in houses, it would probably be anti-semitic to do so!

Israeli apartheid knows no bounds, even resorting to #MedicalApartheid denying Palestinians vaccines.
But effective solidarity with Palestinians also knows no bounds.
250 social, cultural, sports & commercial spaces in Italy become Apartheid Free Zones!