Who Really Rules In The West

Robert Fisk, the long-time Middle East correspondent, wrote recently (2011-12-10) an article entitled:

Bankers are the dictators of the West

He blames his collegue-reporters and journalists that while “the reporting of the collapse of capitalism has reached a new low,” still the really interesting questions are not asked, namely: “Who was to blame” for this severe crisis we’re in.

It’s just the same way as with those reporters who, when they “cover the Middle East, [they ]eerily avoid any direct criticism of Israel.”

He thinks that media people “maintain the fiction that this is a crisis of globalisation rather than a massive financial con trick,” imposed on the people.

He doubts the value or at least the functioning of democratic processes and institutions, when politicians instead of serving the interests of the people (the 99%) “hand their democratic mandate and people’s power to the banks and the derivative traders and the rating agencies.”

Those same bankers and rating agencies which sold us the false AAA-credit packages are now the same who are “now – via their poisonous influence on the markets – clawing down the people of Europe by threatening to lower or withdraw the very same ratings from European nations which they lavished upon criminals before the financial crash in the US.”

And almost nothing, is done to analyse what brought the economies done, and who are the responsible people behind this scheme of greed and fraud. Fisk writes:

“Why don’t my journalist mates in Wall Street tell me (who are these creatures whose ratings agencies now put .. fear into [people])? How come the BBC, CNN and … al-Jazeera – treat these criminal communities as unquestionable institutions of power? Why no investigations … into these scandalous double-dealers? “

Yes, we’re wainting …

The article: