On True Knowledge, acc. to Ibn `Arabi

How can true knowledge be obtained? What do we usually depend on when we want to know things, especially the reality of existence, and what is the role of sense perception and rational consideration? Can the spiritual seeker gain insight by what is generally called independant reasoning? Continue reading

Al-Wujūd al-Haqq And The Oneness of Being

(These are short quotes from Chittick’s Central Point about Ibn ‘Arabî and Wahdatu-l Wujud.)


It is obvious that Ibn ‘Arabî did accept that wujūd is one. However, the wujūd he is talking about is al-wujūd al-haqq, the Real Being, or the Being that is God.

In other words, to say that Ibn ‘Arabî believed in wahdat al-wujūd is to state the obvious. All Muslims who understand that wujūd means al-wujūd al-haqq, the Real Being, know that Being is one; therefore they believe in wahdat al-wujūd.  Continue reading