Video: Today They Took My Son

FACT: Israel is the only country that processes children through a MILITARY detention system. Independent 7 min film based on UNICEF report exposes painful human rights violations experienced by around 10,000 Palestinian children since 2000. Watch here:


“This is a brilliant film and demands to be seen. The story it tells is irrefutable, entirely justified – the evidence is there for all who are not blinded by prejudice. Television companies should be fighting each other to show this. If you care about nothing else, care about Palestinian children. You don’t know what’s going on?  Then watch this film and I dare you to turn your back. ”

Ken Loach
Multi-Award Winning Film Director



Some of Those 100s of Children Arrested by Israel Occupier Army

Here are shown some of those numerous children who were arrested by the Israel Occupier & Apartheid Army – often to face long prison sentences for minor acts of defiance. And it’s getting worse.
Why are people in the ‘West’ not better informed on what is going on in Israel’s backyards? Is this an inconvenient truth – do you agree being complicit?

What is the intent of the Israel Army and its political leadership when treating minors in this way? What is their intent – it’s not difficult to find it out, you don’t want to become complicit, do you?

















…actions by the world’s most cruel, savage army. They call themselves ‘the most humane army:’

Read and believe if you can:

The IDF is the most ethical army in world, say military experts
Israel fought an “exemplary campaign” during the Gaza conflict last year, an independent group of former military leaders has concluded.

Palestinian Children Are Abused Under Israeli Military Detention

Watch what happens when Palestinian children who underwent Israeli military detention are released and try to resume their lives. #NoWayToTreatAChild


VIDEO 1: what happens to Palestinian children under Israeli oppression, 1min 49

All the while European diplomats have a ball:



Report from HRW 2016 – one of many reports in recent years:

Palestine: Israeli Police Abusing Detained Children

“Palestinian children are treated in ways that would terrify and traumatize an adult,” said Sari Bashi, Israel and Palestine country director. “Screams, threats, and beatings are no way for the police to treat a child or to get accurate information from them.”



More on Mohammad Tamimi (2)

He is a beautiful human being, shot by those who think they are better, more worthy.

Take care – so this poison of hated won’t spread elsewhere, it has already started!


After been taken from his house at night (after his operation) and then after being released to his home:


Are there no limits to this cruel criminality of the Israeli army, the ’most humane army in the world,’ in the ’only democracy in the Middle East.’
Who can still believe this crap?